Most VPN services put a number of users in shared proxy/IP address or constantly changing to keep users anonymous as a protection. However, this is a downside if you are accessing social accounts and could get banned. You may use VPN service but you need to check with the provider about having dedicated IP address which only being used by you. Shared WiFi network also have similar issue. Do not access multiple accounts using same/shared WiFi/data network.

These are some proxy providers recommended by our customers before.

It is strongly recommended that you use safe and private proxy or dedicated IP. We recommend max 1 account uses 1 dedicated IP address and 1 browser.

We are not able to provide much technical support on how to setup proxy/dedicated IP/VPN because we are just account supplier. You might need to ask proxies/VPN service providers, do some studies yourself by Google up information, or get help from friend who has such knowledge.